customs & coatings

payment plans

We have a very affordable payment plan.

$250 down starts your custom build. After that you pay whatever you can afford. We have customers that pay $20/week and customers  that pay $500/week. We build as you pay. If at anytime you want to pause the build, thats fine with us, we will let you take as long as you need to finish your build.  


We offer our own line of ar15 rifles, long range bolt guns, suppressors, and gunsmithing work.


We are a custom rifle manufacturer and have our own line of AR15 rifles.

We can do mass produce rifle lines as well as custom builds for the individual. 

Our rifle lines are as follows: 

  • Battle/ tactical rifles 
  • Precision m4 platform
  • Hunting rifles
  • Competition rifles
  • Left handed ejection rifles
  • Pistol caliber carbines

Long Range Modular Sniper Rifles

We also offer long range precision bolt gun builds. 
Our long range modular rifles are chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum

and sits in a free float billet chassis with integrated cheek rest and adjustable buttstock which 

includes a built in chassis leveling bubble.


We offer custom built sound suppressors, titanium and stainless steel components, and our cans have titanium tubes and SS monocore with a quick attach threaded brake mount to protect the barrel threads and ease shooters comfort when firing unsuppressed. The muzzle brake is integrated into the blast baffle of the monocore to keep the can compact without sacrificing efficiency. The brake mount design also allows you to swap a single suppressor between all compatible firearms that are equipped with the same brake using one can on multiple weapons. We can manufacture our suppressors in a variety of calibers. 

  • .22lr
  • .223
  • 300 blkout
  • .308
  • 7.62
  • 9mm
  • 45acp
  • 338 LM

Gunsmithing/ upfitting work

At Tactical innovations we offer a full line gun smith shop and up-fitting shop, from the repair of your antique rifle to a trigger job in your brand new pistol. We can upfit your current weapon as well. Not everyone wants to take on the task of installing upgraded parts into your firearm, no fear, we can take care of anything you have. Feel at ease with dropping off your weapon projects with a competent gunsmith to take care of you.